This is an up-to-date retelling of the parable of the "talents". It makes use of funny and contemporary images.

Extract from the reading:

There was once a rich man who decided to tour the world. So, he called together his three servants and placed them in charge of all he owned. To the first he gave ten million pounds, his pedigree racehorse, and his mansion in Surrey. To the second he gave five million pounds, his brand new Ferrari, and his villa in Spain. To the third he gave one million pounds, his pet poodle Fifi, and its kennel in the garden. And then the rich man packed his bags and sailed off into the sunset, confident that his estate was now in very good hands. Six months went by and the servants were kept busy.

The first invested his ten million in property, bought some land, sold it again, bought it, sold it, bought it, sold it, bought, it sold it, bought it, sold it, got confused and sold it again... which all resulted in a very tidy profit. The racehorse won everything in sight and the mansion in Surrey was opened to the public - at £15 a head. This all made substantial profits and... several stains on the carpet, which were hastily dealt with.

The second servant invested in the stock market, bought and sold at an even faster rate than the first servant, and quickly doubled his investment. The Ferrari won the Spanish Grand Prix - and the villa gained him nothing, except a first class suntan while he sat watching the Ferrari win.

The first two servants met in London a week before the master's return where they celebrated their success. However, the third servant was nowhere to be seen.

For a long time he sat and looked at his one million pounds, and all he...

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