This simple mime helps communicate the basics of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. It could work well in an all-age setting, or something like Messy Church.

Extract from the mime:

There was a man, (Group walk on and stand in line, backs to audience, in upcoming poses)
he began his human life as a baby, (Turn suck thumbs, cry)
grew up a bit and became a child, (Act as kids, pull faces)
grew up a bit more and became a teenager, (Look cool and moody, mime leaning on a wall)
then he became a builder. (Hammer thumb, say: 'Bang, ow!' suck thumb)

One day, he changed jobs (Turn away)
started travelling (Turn back, pull on rucksack and mime walking)
meeting people (Shake hands, high five, mouth talk in twos)
and helping them. (In twos - one cries out in pain, or crying, or angry; others help them)
He told lots of stories about life's meaning. (One becomes Jesus, mimes sowing seeds, as others sit round)
He made sick people better (One person is blind, Jesus puts hand on eyes, they open eyes wide)
and was clearly no ordinary person. (Blind person show others healing, they look amazed)
He challenged the bad guys and those in power, (People become aggressive, but he mimes talking to them and shocks them)...

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