This is a guided meditation works best for a small congregation, youth group or home group. It is designed to help participants think about the way God appears to biblical characters in the great outdoors - the setting, the scenery, the time of day, the weather, their relationship with him, and his message to them. It is written for two readers - one to read the normal text, the other to read the bible verses in bold text.

Bring the outside in by making your church/hall/meeting room look like a campsite. Put up a couple of small tents, scatter picnic blankets around and use rucksacks, wind-up lanterns and maps as props. Get people to make themselves comfortable on the rugs, as if they were sitting around a campfire. Serve hot chocolate if you want to be really authentic.

This works well in the middle of winter when it's dark outside and balmy summer evenings on camp are but a distant dream... Follow the Great Outdoors guided meditation attached as a PDF.