The excuses given by those invited to the banquet in Jesus' parable are reported to be rather silly in their original setting. In this sketch version, Dave has exagerated this for comic effect.

Readers: Narrator (can also be a "Friend"), Jesus, 7 Friends, Party-goers (can be read by "Friends").

Extract from the script:

Narrator: As the Passover feast drew near Jesus continued to teach the people in the Temple. One day he told this story:

Jesus: There was a king who prepared a wedding banquet for his son. He sent out his servants to invite all his friends. But for some reason they all refused to come. So, he sent out more invitations. The servants went with gifts and wedding outfits, luxury transport and garlands of flowers to entice the guests to the son's banquet. But no matter how hard they tried the king's friends would not come. They made strange excuses...

Friend 1 I'd love to come to your party but I'm afraid I have to wash my hair tonight.
Friend 2 A party?! Oh but I've already done that - I went to a party oooh...when I was five. I don't really need to go another one.
Friend 3 I'd love to come but my I need to stay in and scratch my ear, it's a bit itchy.
Friend 4 Sorry, got to stay in and spy on my neighbours, see if any of them are going to parties.
Friend 5 A party? That's a bit old fashioned isn't it? Parties are so last year you know!
Friend 6 Sorry, I'm too busy planning my own party!
Friend 7 I'll only come if I get the best parking space in the car park...

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