Dave says: "I was inspired by an idea proposed by Paula Gooder that the couple leaving Jerusalem for Emmaus were in fact a married couple. She suggests they were having a bit of an argument, with the husband Cleopas wanting to leave, while his wife Mary wanted to stay. So I ran with this and developed the attached account...

Extract from the story:

She eyeballs him. He eyeballs her. Will either of them confess?

'What's happening?' The stranger repeats his question.

Cleopas sighs, but she's the one who opens her mouth.

'We were having a private discussion.'

She puts emphasis on the word private. Hopefully he'll take the hint. The newcomer smiles.

'About what?'

Oh for goodness sake.

'Can't you guess?' Mary says. 'Have you missed the news?'

'What news?'

'Look,' says the husband, Cleopas. 'If you must know we're having a bit of domestic. I want to leave town and she doesn't.'

'Tricky,' says the stranger.

'You're telling me,' says Mary.

'Not as tricky as for me,' says Cleopas, and the couple swap stares again.

'So what's this about the news?' the newcomer asks.

They stare at him now.

'Seriously? You have no idea?' the husband says. 'You been asleep for three days?'

'Don't be rude,' says Mary.

'I'm just saying...'

The stranger laughs. 'Try me,' he says, 'what did I miss?'...


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