This liturgy by Mark Earey is provided with inspiring PowerPoint images. We often play the opening track from the Sigur Ros album 'Takk' as an emotive, heavenly soundtrack (it lasts exactly the same amount of time it takes to read the slides).

We love the way this takes the Genesis 1 themes and relates them to our gathered worship, and our response in the world.

[Note we have updates the images in 2017]

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.
In the empty void and crushing darkness, God spoke light into being.
Creator God, bring light into our darkness.

In the beginning, God took eternity and formed time and space,
seasons, days and years.
Creator God, fill and shape the time you have given us.

In the beginning, God took land and sea and filled them with life of every kind.
Creator God, help us find our place within your diverse creation.

In the beginning, God spoke his very image, and the returning echo formed humanity.
Creator God, open our eyes to see you reflected in every human face.

In the beginning, God created,
and it was good.

© Mark Earey