This aims to make accessible the passage from Amos where the prophet warns the people that God's judgement may come at any time, like a bear, a lion or a snake. It leads into the well known verse about justice rolling on like a river and righteousness like a never-failing stream. The humour of the drama is a way of making a more serious point about following God.

Extract from drama:

Narrator One day, it might have been on a Tuesday, a prophet called Amos came along and said...

Amos Right you lot listen up. You're heading for trouble. You think you're very religious but you'd better think again. You're like a group of people who went for a walk one day... and met a bear.

Group walk on chatting happily. A bear walks on silently from the other side and stands in their way looking fierce. The group do not notice him until one of them bumps into the bear and the others bump into the one who bumped into the bear. The bear looks at them then suddenly roars.

Bear Roarrrrrr!!!

Group Aggghhhhhh!!!

The group look at the audience for a moment with terrified looks on their faces, then they turn and start running around in a circle on the stage area. The bear chases them. You could add some silent movie style chase music if desired. At one point the bear stops and changes direction, and stands still waiting for the group to run into him again. Which they do! Then the group run off stage followed by the bear.

Amos Eventually the people escaped from the bear and thought they were safe.

The group return, gasping for breath, smiling and high fiving each other at their success.

Amos They carried on their journey happily... only to bump into a lion...

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