This is an active and all-age friendly way to read the 10 Commandments story.

This story contains 4 key words or phrases which are repeated at different points throughout the story. Whenever the audience or congregation hear the key words they should respond with the appropriate noise or action. The story can be delivered by a narrator alone or a whole group may lead the responses from the front - such a group may be rehearsed or spontaneous. You may like to write down the responses on large cards which the group hold up whenever each key word occurs.

Desert - Fan face with hand as if hot, and say "Are we there yet?"
Mountain - Form a mountain shape with hands and arms
Good - Make a thumbs up sign, or do a high five with person next to you
Any numbers - Hold up appropriate number on fingers

Extract from the script:

While Moses was leading the people of Israel across the desert they came to a mountain and while the people had a rest Moses went up the mountain and had a talk with God. And said, here are ten good rules for living well.

Rule number one: Nothing and no one is more important than God.
Rule number two: Make God number one in your life and let everything else come second.
Number three: God's name is special and sacred, don't use it as a swear word.
Number four: Remember that Sunday is God's special day.
Number five: Respect your family and those who take care of you.
Number six: Don't kill.
Number seven: Only sleep with your husband or wife.
Number eight: Don't steal.
Number nine: Don't tell lies.
Number ten: Don't look at what your friend has and wish it were yours...

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