This is an interactive version of the temptations story for all ages. Teach the responses before reading he story and then allow pauses for everyone to join in. This can also be led by a group at the front who lead all the response.

First - Hold up one finger and shout "One"
Second - Hold up two fingers and shout "Two"
Third - Hold up three fingers and shout "Three"
Fourth - Hold up four fingers and shout "Four"
Rocks - Make a fist as if it's a rock and beat it on other palm
Wild Animals - Make wild animal sounds
Words - Blow gently onto open hand and press hand against heart

Extract from the script:

Before Jesus could begin his work he went through a series of challenges.
He went out into the wilderness where he had to survive all on his own, with no one else around.
He had no food and he was out there for forty days so he felt very weak and hungry by the end of that time.
There were wild animals out there, and he had to trust God to keep him safe.
He had to face three difficult tests.

The first was this. He was tempted to turn the rocks around him into lovely soft fresh bread. As he was very hungry this was a very difficult test. He could easily have done it with all the power that he had, he could have turned the rocks into all kinds of delicious food, but he didn't, instead he remembered these words. "It takes more than bread to stay alive - we need to have God's life giving words."...

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