Telling tips: Teach all the actions before you begin telling the story. Have as much fun with the actions as possible, so people will enjoy doing them, and look forward to them in the story.

Then, as you tell the story, repeat the first line of each pair three times. This gives you the chance to say those first lines a little differently with each repetition. And it gives everyone the chance to catch up with and enjoy the action in the second line.

Extract from the script:

Tabitha was a Christian who lived in Joppa town, (x3)
she helped the poor, she did, she really tried.
(wave arm in front of body, fist clenched)

She sewed them clothes and filled her time with works of charity, (x3)
and then, one day, poor Tabitha sadly died.
(close eyes, tilt head to one side)

So they washed her and they laid her body in an upstairs room, (x3)
and everyone who knew her came and cried.
(rub corners of eyes)

Then someone heard that Peter was in a nearby town, (x3)
"Let's tell him all that's happened here," they sighed.

They sent two men to fetch him and when Peter heard the news, (x3)
he left at once, and when he had arrived
(wave hand as in a greeting)

They showed him Tabitha's body and all the clothes she'd made, (x3)
and as the women spoke, tears filled their eyes
(point to eyes)

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