This is a reflection jumping out of Psalm 149. You might want to read that psalm before engaging with this.

Text of the reflection:

Would you bring a sword to worship?

A lyre, I get. And your dancing shoes, too. To praise God's name and make him melodies.

But would you bring a sword?

Flags can be dangerous, I'll admit. And in the wrong hands, a tambourine can also be a deadly weapon.

But would you bring a sword to worship?

Would you sing a new song to the Lord, celebrate your creator, rejoice in your King, fill your throat with his praises, and then wield your two-edged sword?

Of course not, you say. Surely not. This is just the vengeful sentiment of a primitive people excusing the use of violence against their enemies.

And perhaps it is. But what if...

What if celebrating your creator drew your attention to the sad plight of some of the people he created?

What if rejoicing in a just King and His kingdom brought home to you the injustice of the world you live in?

And what if the Lord to whom you sing a new song whispers his age-old lyrics into your ears and calls you to proclaim good news to the poor, and liberty to the captive, and sight to the blind?

Would you pick up whatever tools were at your disposal and, with the praises of God in your throat, set off to challenge the powers of this world?

And would you bring a sword, a two-edged sword, to worship?

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