One of the traditional Bible readings on the first Sunday in Advent, is the passage in Isaiah 2, when the prophet talk about a future without war, where swords will be transformed into plowshares. Advent is a time of remembering Jesus coming as a human baby at Christmas time, but also looking forward to the day when he will return, bringing this new peace and transformation to its completion.

This reflection uses pipe cleaners to relflect on conflicts and the peace we want God to bring, as well as the work we ourselves can do to bring about change.

Each person in your group need a pipe cleaner (of any variety or colour) to shape, as someone with a good reading voice leads the reflection (see the downloadable PDF).

Although pipe cleaners are brilliant for use in All Age settings (thanks to BIG ministries for bringing this to our attention), you may need to tweak the relfection to suit your context.