In October 2016 we enjoyed an AREA 52 creative day, bringing together our contributors to collaborate on resources. Sam and Angela spent a very fruitful time discussing what the Isaiah 2 "swords into ploughshares" might look like in contemporary society. That led to this prayer, which could be used as a kind of response or sending, or as part of prayers of intercession.

Extract from the prayer:

In the last days
they will beat their swords into ploughshares
and their spears into pruning hooks.

So, in these days,
we will turn around the camera
of our self-centred selfies
to take a long, loving look
at the face of Christ in others.

So, in these days,
we will upturn the podium
of our calculated competitiveness
and elevate the least among us.

So, in these days,
we will dismantle the walls of our fear,
which keep at arm's length the refugees,
the foreigners, the homeless,
and build them homes
with those same bricks and these same arms...

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