This is a way of applying the reading to people's everyday lives, and helping them to respond. You might need to be sensitive if you have anyone in your congregation who has issues with their feet or walking.

Read the Bible passage from Joshua 3:7-17.

Then explain the following:
When the people came to cross over the Jordan River, the priests stepped into the water first, carrying the ark, to pave the way for others to follow in their steps.

As we reflect on this reading, take a moment to look down at your own feet. Think about where you will be going in this coming week. What direction is God calling you in? How do you feel about that? [Pause with silence]

As we pray now, remind yourself that God is with you in all situations.

Lord, at times you call us to step ahead of others,
like those priests stepping into the River Jordan.
You ask us to pave a way with our own footsteps,
to move with you, in your way, in your time.

Help us to know that you tread the path with us,
and though we may be fearful
and our steps may be reluctant and faltering,
it is enough that we take one step at a time.

So Lord we commit this week to you,
and the places we will go,
trusting that you go beside us each day,
wherever we may find ourselves.
In Jesus' name,

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