This is a creative re-telling of the temptation of Jesus.

It comes from Bible Stories Through the Year - thanks to publishers Lion for allowing us to post this.

Extract from the story:

A spider skittered under a desert rock.
A scorpion skipped behind a desert stone.
A snake slithered across a dusty desert path.
And then a man sat down, sweating, in the desert heat.
The man's name was Jesus. He had been wandering through this desert for forty days and forty nights. And he had eaten nothing, for the Spirit of God had called him there to fast.

The spider dug further beneath the rock.
The scorpion stopped and raised his tail.
And the snake stopped, too, and lifted his head from the dust - as if he recognised someone..
For someone was there. There, suddenly, with Jesus. And his name was Satan.
"So they say you're the Son of God," he hissed. "If that's the case, you should have no trouble satisfying your aching stomach. Just turn these stones into bread."
Then he picked up a stone and offered it to Jesus. And the spider skittered away in search of another hiding place.

"There are more important things than bread," said Jesus. "Haven't you read what the Scriptures say - Man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God."
"Ah yes, the Scriptures," Satan smiled. "As it happens, I know them well."...

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