This reading is pretty simple. The reader reads each section, and the congregation repeats what she says at the end of the "And all of the people said..." lines.
So, for example, at the end of the first section, the people would say "Baa" after the reader does. It might be helpful to explain this and do a practice line before you begin.

Extract from the script:

"I've got something to say about sheep," said Jesus. And all of the people said, "Baaa."

"Let's start with the sheep thief," said Jesus. "That rotten, no-good, rustler." And all of the people said, "Booo!"

"How does the sheep thief get into the pen?" asked Jesus. "Not through the gate, that's for sure. He creeps over the wall, in the dead of night, when nobody else is looking."
And all of the people said, "Sneaky!"

"And what is he there for?" asked Jesus. "I'll tell you - he's up to no good. He has knives and shears and lashings of mint sauce. He comes to steal and to kill and to destroy."
And all of the people said, "Nasty!"

"But the shepherd," said Jesus, "the shepherd is different." And all of the people asked "How?"

"He comes through the gate," said Jesus. "The right way. The proper way. The honest way. And he comes not to kill, but to lead the sheep to pastures green and gently flowing waters."
And all of the people said, "Lovely!"...

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