A two-handed reading, paraphrasing Philippians 3:17-4:1.

Extract from the script:

Reader 1 - Brothers! Sisters! Do what I do. Live your lives together after my example. Imitate those who imitate me.

Reader 2 - The thing is, there are many who don't do that. They live their lives as if they are enemies of the cross of Jesus. It pains me to tell you this - it brings tears to my eyes to think this is the case. But I've told you before, and now I feel like I must make it clear again.

Reader 1 - They are making wrecks of their lives. They are headed for destruction. Their god? Their god is their belly, their insatiable appetite for the things of this world, the things by which their minds are consumed. And, as a result, they make glorious what is actually shameful.

Reader 2 - But we are citizens of heaven, you and I. And it is from heaven that we await our coming Saviour - the Lord, Jesus Christ. And therefore, unlike them, we don't act like our shame is somehow glorious. Instead, we let the Lord change our shame into a glory like his...

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