This nativity needs no rehearsal, and only a small amount of preparation. This can be advertised for everyone to come along dressed as any character from the story, and it doesn't matter how many of each character you have (although at least one of each is helpful!): Angel, Mary, Joseph, Star, Shepherd, Wise man, Donkey, other animals (optional) ...and a King Herod (probably only one, and it's worth priming someone, as it's not the most obvious choice for nativity dressing-up).

The majority of words are delivered by a narrator (in amusing, rhyming form), from front centre, although they could be split between two narrators. One other person is needed: someone to manage the action and movement of the characters, which appear in the script in red italics. But the directions in red can be ignored if unhelpful, and song suggestions likewise!

The words for everyone, or for particular characters, could be projected, but it works equally well simply repeating what the narrator says. If a gathering craft activity would fit with your context, people could turn long cardboard tubes into telescopes for the wise men, but this is not essential to the nativity.

The script also includes song suggestions - this is really a whole service plan, but if you have less time you could edit it down.

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