A poetic re-writing of the parable of the Good Shepherd. Could be said to a rhythm, or you could invent a hand motion to go with each verse that the congregation could repeat.

Extract from the poem:

If you've got some sheep that you'd like to keep,
don't be shocked if one should decide to creep
to a place unsafe, on a mountain steep,
lost and all alone

For you'll need to act like a good Bopeep
and leave behind all your other sheep
and any thoughts of a beauty sleep
and set off on your own.

Then drive through forests dark and deep,
in your four by four, yeah that's right, your jeep,
then climb and crawl up that mountain steep
and bring that sheep back home.

And once she's back with the other sheep,
who are safe and sound and fast asleep,
straight back home you'll quickly creep,
silent as a drone...

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