This is an active version of Jesus' parable. Divide your group in two, one for Lazarus and one for the rich man. Then get a leader for each group to lead that group in its actions. In the calling, shaking head section, you could also have each group repeat the words of the rich man and Abraham, line by line.

Extract from the script:

There once was a rich man.
He wore expensive clothes and ate however much he wanted (rich group makes greedy, gobbling up sound).

At the rich man's gate, there lived a poor man called Lazarus.
The dogs licked his sores.
And he fought for what scraps fell from the rich man's table (poor group grab for scraps).

The poor man died (poor group makes "Uurp" sound, tilts head to one side and shuts eyes).
So did the rich man (rich group makes same dying motion).

But they finished up in two very different places.

The poor man was carried by the angels into the presence of Abraham (poor group, thumbs up).

But the rich man went to burning depths of Hades (rich group, thumbs down).

From the midst of those burning flames, the rich man could see the poor man. So he called out (rich group puts hands to side of mouth in calling motion), "Father Abraham! It's hot down here. Really hot. Tell Lazarus to dip his finger in some water, come down here, and touch it to my burning tongue."...

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