There are two versions of this re-spun retelling of Zeph 3. Version 1 is written with intent to show how God is talking personally to us through this passage. Version 2 is closer to original context where the passage is written referencing Jerusalem and Israel. God is talking to the whole of the land of Israel and Jerusalem, while also talking to us each personally.

You could use one version or both, and you could begin with a mainstream translation first.

These should be read confidently. Follow the breaks in the passages for pauses. In the section "Don't worry, stop..." hand gestures would be effective if used. For example "Stop" put hand out as if stopping traffic. Hand gestures could also be used to indicate God is moving in, so pointing in directions such as here in this church, in your home. It would be very helpful to become familiar with the text first so read this passage over a few times till you feel comfortable with it. Enjoy!

Excerpt of version 1:

Sing and shout and have the biggest grin on your face!
Be happy!
Dance and celebrate!

God is on your side.
He is chasing down those who hurt you.
The king is on His way to feast with you in your home.
And His love will flow freely for you.

He is saying to you,
"Don't worry, stop the panic, stop the fears.
The most holy one is moving in, sitting down at your table, a swift servant of justice.
His pleasure in you will be plain for all to see,
He will still your racing troubled heart with His waves of love.
And He will spin and dance round your house because He is all about you."...

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