A series of dialogues based on the resurrection appearances on Sunday morning. You can decide how many you use, and whether you have a different actor for each part or double some up. It begins with the group of women who have come to embalm the body of Jesus. A narrator reads the lines which describe the action.

Extract from the script:

Narrator: While it was still dark on Sunday morning a group of women, friends of Jesus, walked slowly towards the tomb. They brought spices to put on his body, and talked as they travelled.

Salome: How will we ever do it?
Mary: Do what?
Salome: Move that stone to embalm the body?
Mary: Oh, we'll find a way, there has to be a way. Joanna, do you have the spices safe there? Don't drop them.
Joanna: They're fine, don't fuss. I wrapped them in some cloth, but Mary, you said you saw them do it.
Mary: Do what?
Joanna: Seal the tomb! With that huge rock. We'll never move it. We should have brought James and Peter.
Mary: No. Too dangerous for them at the moment. It's easier for us to do this, we're no threat.
Salome: You say that, but what if they've posted soldiers at the tomb? Goodness knows what they might do if they find us trying to open it up.
Mary: Salome, stop worrying! You've got those oils?
Salome: Yes.
Mary: Joanna you've got the spices?
Joanna: I've told you once. Yes!
Mary: Good, then let's go quietly now, we're making enough noise to wake the... well... you know what I mean.

Narrator: The women approached the tomb, heads bowed and spices clutched close to their bodies. Mary was the first to look up and see the damage.

Mary: The stone!...

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