This is a contemporary parable which would work well with small children. The rhymes and the illustrations will keep attention, and help to convey the message that shining our light is important.

Extract from the story:

Ray was a boy with a very special toy.
A torch which he shone, bright and clear for everyone.

Ray let it shine on teddies, Ray let it shine on trees,
Ray let it shine on dinner so that he could find his peas.
But sometimes, when Ray was busy shining everywhere,
the people who he shone on would cry out in despair,
'Stop it Ray, go away and play.'

He went into the kitchen, where mum was washing up.
He dragged a big chair over and he lit her bubbles up.
The bubbles gleamed, the bubbles shone,
Mum wasn't so happy, she said 'what is going on?'
Ray tried to shine his light for her but soon it became clear
she didn't want his help, she said 'Raymond, disappear.'
'Stop it Ray, go away and play.'

So Ray went to find his sister, to see if his bright light
would be better appreciated by someone else's sight...

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