This is a sketch-style version of the raising of Lazarus story. As he often does, Bob mixes fun and a deeper point.

You will need six readers at the front, from left to right - Mary, Martha, Lazarus, Jesus, disciples, onlookers - and a narrator off to one side.

Extract from the script:

Narrator: Lazarus was ill.

Lazarus: [Achoo!]

Narrator: No, I mean really ill.

Lazarus: [Bigger Achoo!]

Narrator: No, I mean really, really ill.

Lazarus: [Huge Achoo!]

Narrator: He lived in Bethany. With his sister Martha... [Martha waves.]

Narrator: And his sister Mary, who poured perfume on Jesus and wiped his feet with her hair. [Mary points to her hair.]

Narrator: Mary and Martha sent word to Jesus that their brother was ill.

Mary and Martha together: Lord, the one you love is ill.

Lazarus: [Achoo!]

Mary and Martha: No, really ill.

Lazarus: [Bigger Achoo!]...

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