This is a contemporary psalm, inspired by the biblical Psalm 149. It encourages the congregation to worship in every sphere of life.

We have included a revised version and a PowerPoint, which has the congregation say "Praise the Lord" and a leader read the other sections. We've used this with the beat of a praise song running underneath - it works really well!

This shout inspired a similar version (based on Ps 148) by Sara which is available here. Dave also has a poem variation on Psalm 148 here.

Extract from the psalm:

Praise the Lord!
Praise Him in the streets and the city.
Praise him in the towns and the villages.
Praise him in the pubs and the churches,
in the sports stadiums and back gardens.

Praise him in the lounge and the kitchen,
in the bathroom and the hallway.
Praise him when the sun shines and when the rain falls.
Praise him with a smile and with tears,
in the mountains and the valleys and the plains in between.

Praise him with your own voice, in your own way.
Praise him with half a breath or a lungful of shouting,
sitting still or running a marathon.
Praise him with a simple lifting of your eyes,
or with an ear splitting roar,
with a shout of praise or a cry of anguish,
with a whispered plea or a gentle smile...

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