Psalm 96 (like 67 which we also recently posted an idea for) reminds us that God is the God ofthe whole earth. Bob's energetic version brings this out with joy. Could be used at the beginning of a service, perhaps with a beat or some rhythmic chords underneath to lead into a song of praise.

We've included a PowerPoint version you can also download.

Extract from the psalm:

Sing it out!
Sing the Lord a new song.
Sing it out!
Sing out, all the earth.
Sing it out!
Bless his name forever
Sing it out!
For day by day, he saves.

Tell every nation his glorious deeds,
every people his marvellous works.
Praise him, for praise his greatness deserves,
his greatness above all gods.

For the gods of the peoples are idols. They're idle!
And nothing can come from their hands.
But the Lord made the heavens, he reigns as our king,
and in power and beauty he stands.

So write it down!
Every nation, every people.
Write it down!
God is glorious and strong.
Write it down!
For his name deserves all glory.
Write it down!
Bring him offerings and praise...

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