If you have an instant pop up tent you could make use of it for this prayer station or activity. Find a place in your church and put it up. Print out the following paraphrase from Psalm 46 for people to read in there.

You might like to have blank pieces of paper and pens or pencils to write prayers or draw pictures as prayers to God as you sit in or beside the tent. ?

Alternately you could read the following as part of a prayer time in a service.

Extract from the paraphrase:

God is our refuge and strength,
a very present help when we are in trouble.?
He is like a place to call home when we feel adrift.
A listening ear and someone we can come and talk to.
Things often go wrong, and our world can be a topsy turvy place,?
but we can come back to God and find a moment of calm with him.?
A moment of peace and refreshment.?
'Calm yourself for a minute or two,' he says.?
'Take time to focus and think on me.?
Reflect on my strength and purpose.?
My love and compassion.?
Tell me your troubles, the things that are shaking your world.'...

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