This creative paraphrase of Psalm 32 could work very well as an introduction to a time of confession.

Extract from the reading:

When the thing you've done wrong is forgiven, when your sin is hidden away, like it never existed, you're happy.

When God himself declares that you are innocent and free of guilt, and when there's no longer any need to pretend, you're happy.

So why does it take me so long to admit it, when I have done something wrong? Why do I put myself through all that pain?

Because it was painful, Lord. It really was. It was like carrying a heavy burden. It was like a sweltering summer day followed by an even more sweltering night. No relief, none at all, from the heat.

But when I finally confessed, when I owned up to the thing I'd done, then everything changed. You forgave me. Simple as that.

And that is why those who trust in you offer their prayers to you. Because when the flood wants to wash them away, you are there to lift them up out of the waters.

And when it looks like there is no longer any refuge, you are my hiding place. And when trouble is all around, you surround me with the sound of your voice. "I am here. Here to help. Have no fear."...

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