Say the whole of Psalm 139 together near the beginning of the service. Choose one or all of the following ideas:

Interaction - Ahead of time ask three people of differing ages and outlooks to chose their favourite verse from the Psalm and say why (check before that they have chosen different verses).

All Age - 'Where's Wally' - get groups to cluster around a few of Martin Handford's fantastic books to find Wally. You will obviously need to look ahead of time! I used local library to source books. Point: Wally is often hard to find but God always knows where we are - Psalm 139:7-12ff. Response can be varied - either praise or quiet reflection.

Prayers of Intercession - Turn the Psalm on its head and pray for individuals, families, communities and regions who feel and experience neglect, loneliness, separation, dislocation etc.