This was written as an opening prayer for the Presence alternative evening celebrations at Spring Harvest Skegness 2013. It sets the expectation that God is present, and then reminds us to be fully present to him, one another and the world in our worship. Each night had a different theme, so the final couple of lines have different options. You can adapt and adopt to suit your situtation. Download the PowerPoint by clicking in the link above right.


thank you for your presence here.
We are gathered in your name
and know you among us.
Help us to be fully present here,
attentive to your word and Spirit,
alert to one another,
awake to the needs of your world.
As we meet with you,
transform us to be more like you.
As we see your hope,
make us a hopeful people.
Alternative last couplets:
As we see your courage,
make us a courageous people.
As we see your mercy,
make us a merciful people.
As we see your passion,
make us a passionate people.
As we see your love,
make us a loving people.
As we see your vision,
make us a visionary people.