This is a prayer based on Psalm 51, which can be used as part of an act of confession.

Excerpt from the prayer:

Have mercy on us, O Lord,
according to your incomparable, extraordinary love.
You know about our wrongs and our mistakes and our brokenness.
Cleanse us through and through, renew us, and revive us.
Help us to forgive ourselves, for we are aware of our flaws and frailties,
and save us from false guilt, and from putting ourselves down.

We get things wrong, we know this, and we hurt you and others.
We are people with soiled hands and feet of clay.
Capable of great things, and of destructive things,
capable of healing and harm.

And you desire the best for us, you offer us a hope and a future.
Help us to face the truth about ourselves, and about you,
and as we do this we offer you our failures and successes,
our weakness and strengths, our dreams and nightmares...

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