This rhyming version of Psalm 148 could be used simply as a reading, or could become more interactive. Each verse could be read by a small group of people from a different place in the church: in a traditional church building, for example, you could read the first verse from the chancel (heavens), the second from the font (waters) and the third from the nave (people).

Even more interactively, you could hand out cards to individuals which say things like 'oceans' 'birds' 'princes' and so on, and ask everyone to listen for their word and give a shout of praise when they hear it! At the very least, everyone should listen out for and join in with the final alleluia!


Praise God from the heavens,
praise him in the height,
praise him, angel hosts, and sun,
and moon, and stars of light!
Praise him, watery heavens,
lifted by his word
and fastened there for ever:
let them praise the Lord!

Praise him from the oceans,
you monsters of the waves,
and fire, and hail, and snow, and mist,
and winds tempestuous, praise!
Mountains sing, and hills;
trees, fulfil his words;
wild creatures, tame creatures,
creeping things and birds.

Princes and all people,
rich and poor the same,
men and women, young and old,
let them praise his name.
He only is exalted,
his splendour over all,
he raised us up for faith and praise,
his children, and we call: ALLELUIA!