Telling tips: this is a two hander. Reader Two is there for a bit of comic relief, to do the satnav/computer voices, and to lead the group in their actions. Explain to the crowd, from the start, that there will be things for them to do and that Reader Two will tell them their actions and lead them, as well.

Extract from the script:

Reader One Like some heavenly satnav, God's angel gives Philip the following directions:

[You can decide which voice the angel uses. Mechanical, computer-style voice. Woman of Irish decent. Male Texan. John Cleese. Or maybe do a couple.]

Reader Two "Head south, to the Jerusalem-Gaza road. The one that runs through the wilderness."

Reader One So Philip goes, following God's GPS to the letter. And on that road, he sees an Ethiopian. Who is this Ethiopian, Alexa?

[In Alexa computer voice:]

Reader Two The Ethiopian is a eunuch.
The Ethiopian is a court official of the Candace, the queen of Ethiopia.
The Ethiopian is in charge of the queen's treasury.
The Ethiopian is on his way back home from Jerusalem.
The Ethiopian has been worshipping God there.
The Ethiopian is sitting in his chariot.
The Ethiopian is reading the prophet Isaiah.
Which hopefully means that someone else is driving!
So everybody slap your reigns and give us a chariot-driving "Giddyup!"

Reader One At this point the Holy Spirit chips in, with another set of instructions.

Reader Two Everyone join me and shout the following line,"Catch up to that chariot!"

Reader One So Philip starts to run.

Reader Two C'mon, everyone, let's stand up and run in place (if you're able).

Reader One It's more than a quick walk. But not at a Usain Bolt pace, either. Just fast enough. He catches up with the chariot. He hears the Ethiopian reading the prophet Isaiah. Out loud, obviously.

Reader Two And, a bit breathlessly I should imagine - could we have some huffing and puffing, please? - Phillip asks the Ethiopian if he understands the passage he's reading.

Reader One And the Ethiopian answers, "Understand it? How? I need someone to help me." And he invites Philip to sit with him, in the chariot.

Reader Two Sit down, everyone.

Reader One The passage the Ethiopian is reading says the following...

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