Philippians 2:5-11 is all about movement. Jesus humbles himself; he comes down. Jesus is exalted; he goes up. So the reading will be punctuated by the movement of the congregation coming down and going up.

When I do this reading, I usually begin by explaining what I am going to do and then suggesting that it's not meant to be a test of leg and back strength, and that anyone who feels like sitting right down, should feel free to do so. This is especially true if you have an older congregation - don't want any legs cramping along the way.

It goes without saying that the reader (or a very visible assistant) also needs to move down and up so the congregation knows when to move.

Read verses 5-8. (The reading begins with the congregation standing. They gradually move down towards their seats - getting that bit lower at the end of verse 6, verse 7 and verse 8 - until by the end of verse 8 they are sitting down.)

Read verses 9-11. (The congregation reverses the motion- creeping up little by little - until by the end of verse 11 they are standing again.)