This is a monologue version of Peter's story, spanning the crucifixion, resurrection and Peter's reconciliation with Jesus (it even starts with the Ascension!). It requires one reader/actor who can perform it convincingly.

Extract from the script:

I looked up into the clouds. He was there, a minute ago. And now he was gone.

This was not an experience I ever thought I would have - watching a friend rise into the sky and disappear. But then, I never thought I'd have a friend who would walk on the waves, quiet a storm, or bring a dead man back to life, either.

Jesus was not an ordinary friend, not an ordinary teacher, not an ordinary man.

Jesus was the Messiah, the Son of God. I'd said it myself, when asked. And he had praised me for it.

So why had I turned my back on him, when he needed me most?

He'd just been arrested. Judas, that traitor, had betrayed him to the Chief Priest, whose men had come with torches and clubs to take Jesus away.

To be fair, I was willing to do my bit, then. I waved my sword about. I cut off a man's ear. But when Jesus put that ear back on again, it was clear he did not approve.

Everyone else ran, terrified. But I followed Jesus to the place they took him. And while they interrogated him, I waited in the courtyard.

And that's when it started. The pointing. The whispering. The talking. I thought I would be able to handle it. But, I couldn't.

Jesus hadn't defended himself. He'd just gone with the men. So it didn't seem likely that he would defend me either. And that's why, when the accusations started, I panicked.

'I saw you with him.'...

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