This is an all-age friendly version of Jesus' parable about the persistent widow. It could work at any point when you are speaking on that parable, or simply encouraging the congregation to keep praying and not give up.

Extract from the script:

So Jesus told a parable. A parable about praying. Praying and not giving up.

The parable was about a judge. An unjust judge, who sort of lived his life in a reverse-great-commandment fashion.
He neither loved God with his whole heart, nor his neighbour as himself. He had no respect for either, really.
And then a woman came to him with a complaint - a complaint against someone who had done her wrong.
The judge ignored her, at first. He cared nothing for her, or justice, for that matter.

But the woman had a secret weapon - a secret weapon known to every child who ever saw an advert on telly and desperately wanted that brand new toy, or the prize in that box of cereal.
And that weapon was Pester Power.
So she pestered the judge. Day and night. Working time and holiday time. At the shops, and in his home, and on the road.
And, finally, the judge gave in - not because, end-of-Grinch-like, he had suddenly grown a heart, but because he was simply fed up with her pestering...

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