This is a poem/reflection by a new attition to our creative team - Stuart Gray. He has mulled over the themes of Advent, getting ready and preparation found in Mark 1:1-8. He he has also created a PowerPoint you could use along with the poem (this might allow you to take a little longer over the words, and let people reflect on their own response).

Finally, he has suggested that you could use the Eva Cassidy version of "People Get Ready" as music behind this reflection.

That track can be found here -

The images are all from

People preparing
getting ready
for the next challenge?
For big change?
Or maybe I'm just preparing for the feast?
There's more to life than the feast.

Are we getting ready for Jesus?
Because Jesus has been faithful.
He's given us wisdom
to chart stormy seas.

So I'll clear the way in my life...
... I'm looking for where he is.
This year...
... I've decided.
On this life's journey...
I'm following Him.

I am His.