The story of the birth of the Christian church in Acts 2 is so dramatic and exciting that it lends itself to creative ideas. One thing that struck me recently when reading through the passage again is the language theme.

As the 1st generation Christians are filled with the Holy Spirit and begin to speak in tongues, there's this amazing mash-up of worship and evangelism taking place. It says in Acts 2:11 that all these visitors to Jerusalem (15 nationalities are listed!), not only hear their languages spoken, but hear God's wonders being declared! So as the early church praises God, crowds of foreigners hear about what God has done and they come to faith.


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We did this at Pentecost. The reader announced the reading in English, then read the passage in Tamil with slides showing the pictures and words (in English) behind her (we are fortunate in having a second Tamil speaker who could make sure that the slides were roughly in sync with the words). Extremely effective as it gradually dawned on members of the congregation what was going on. Made even more dramatic by the fact that our reader (and her daughter) dressed in Sri Lankan clothes.
Andrew - 8:31am - 26 May 2015
"If you have a reading of Acts 2, when you get to verse 11, ask as many people you can to stand up where they are in the congregation and declare God's wonders in their own language."
We used this idea at Pentecost. One by one 11 people stood up and said Revelation 4:8, "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come." in their own language (or one they were somewhat familiar with). One by one they joined in, raising the volume each time and repeating their verse until the end. The last person said it in English and they all stopped. And then the Acts reading went on. It was amazing. Thanks for the idea.
BTW I know Bec & Jim Adams - it is a small world.
Deb - 4:59pm - 16 May 2016
Thank you for your names of Jesus in different languages. I wish I had them this year but will try them next year. God bless.
Bonnie - 8:46pm - 17 May 2016
We did this, not in a Pentecost context, with Rev.7:9-10, using verse 10 in a number of languages. It was very effective.
Rosemary - 2:07am - 26 Apr 2017