Here is an interactive version of the Palm Sunday story. Teach the following responses before reading he story and inviting the audience/congregation to join in. You can also invite a line of people to stand out the front to help lead the responses. It doesn't need to be rehearsed beforehand, but can just be practiced on the day.

Shouted: All shout - "HOSANNA!"
Town: "Bustle-bustle-shove-and-bustle!" Say this twice, as a kind of chant
Donkey: All say - "Ee Aaw!"
Coats: All say - "Zzzzip!" And mime unzipping coat
Waved: All wave arms
Disciples: Give a High-5 to the person beside you

Extract from the script:

Now one day, as Jesus and his disciples came to Jerusalem, they stopped outside the town, took off their coats and had a rest. Then Jesus had an idea. He said to the disciples: "Go into that town up ahead and you'll see a donkey. Then you'll see a smaller donkey beside her. Untie them both and bring them back, please."

"But we can't just steal two donkeys!" said the disciples.

So Jesus thought for a minute, then said: "If anyone stops you, just say: The master needs them." So the disciples picked up their coats and went nervously into the town.

Sure enough, just inside the town they saw the donkeys tied up.
They tiptoed over and started to untie them, when suddenly two huge men appeared, waving their arms...

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