This is Revelation 21 and 22, re-imagined as an estate agent showing John around the New Jerusalem. It is a funny and accessible way to approach this text.

Extract from the script:

He shook my hand and introduced himself.

"Seven Angels. Estate Agents," he said. Then he took me to the top of a high mountain.

"The holy city. The New Jerusalem." He explained, with a wave of his hand. "The Lord's very own new build."

"I don't see any places of worship," I queried.

"Ah, yes," he smiled. "And you won't. For the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are its temple."

I nodded. "I see. And what about lighting?"

"Not necessary," he smiled again. "No need for sun or moon. The glory of the Lord and the lamp who is the Lamb provide all the illumination we need. In fact, it's enough to light up all the nations and attract the most powerful visitors."

"So it's not a gated community, then?" I asked. "Everyone is welcome?"

"Sort of," he shrugged. "The gates will not be shut in the day, and seeing as there will be no night, yes, they will always be open. And so people will be free to bring all that is best from their nations into it..."

I could sense a 'but' coming...

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