An interactive nativity drama using social networking sites to tell the Christmas story in a fresh way.
Each of the volunteers is assigned a character from the Christmas story, ie Mary, Joseph, Angel Gabriel, Shepherd, Innkeeper, Wise man etc.
The organiser/moderator creates a new Facebook group page, or a new page on an existing website.
Each day during advent each of the 'characters' posts a status update about what is happening to them/what they are thinking.
They could post pictures or videos as that character too.
They could either post using their own account or set up temporary new ones.
The contributors should be encouraged to read the gospel accounts of the Christmas story to familiarise themselves with what actually happens - but beyond that they should use their imaginations for their daily post (particularly those playing minor characters.)
Members of the church could be invited to log on and see the story unfold in possibly unexpected ways...
NB: If the organiser wants to make sure the story does not get to the finale too quickly (Advent is 24 days after all), they could give contributors a rough timeline of when events happen (ie 1st December - Angel visits Mary, 2nd December Mary tells Joseph her news etc.)