This active version of some of Jesus' teaching picks up on short phrases he uses. These are turned into poems, which the congregation can learn and participate in. Divide your group into four small groups, one for each of the little poems. Teach each group their lines before you begin the story, then lead them in saying those lines at the appropriate time in the story. You could also add a simple action to each poem:

Fingers held a tiny bit apart for the mustard seed.
Look up in the air as if watching the mulberry tree fly.
Extend hand in a generous gesture for first slave poem.
Extend finger in pointing, ordering gesture for second slave poem.

Extract from the script:

"Increase our faith," Jesus apostles asked him, one day. "Make it bigger, make it grow, so we can do amazing things, like you."

"Increase your faith?" Jesus grinned. "Why, if your faith was as big as a mustard seed:

A mustard seed is very small
It's hardly there, at all.

You could tell that mulberry tree, over there, to tear itself out of the ground, fly through the air, and be planted in the sea.

Did you ever see
A mulberry tree
Fly into the sea?

Then Jesus said something else.

"Say you have a slave. He's been out ploughing the fields or taking care of the sheep. And then he comes into the house. Do you say to him...

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