This is an engaging way to open up Jesus' sayings in Matthew 10, imagining it as a crossword conversation.

Extract from the script:

Two people in discussion, Geoff and Mandy, Geoff carries a paper and a pencil.

Geoff: Fancy a go at today's crossword?
Mandy: Oh I'm no good at those.
Geoff: Go on, give it a try. Here we go: One down - "If a pupil is not greater than their teacher, then a slave is not above their..."
Mandy. Station?
Geoff. Six letters.
Mandy. Master.
Geoff. Brilliant. We're off, here's another. "If they have called the master... what?... how much more will they insult those of his household!"
Mandy. If they've called the master... sir?
Geoff. No, the opposite. A kind of slur.
Mandy. Cruella Deville?
Geoff: Close. Nine letters. begins with a B.
Mandy. Baldrick?
Geoff. Nine letters. Got a Z in it.
Mandy. Zebedee?
Geoff. Be-elze...
Mandy: Beelze...bub?
Geoff. You're getting good at this. What I say to you in the dark, announce it in the...
Mandy: Light?...

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