This is a fun yet meaningful version of the story of the man born blind who is healed by Jesus.

You need three people for this. The man born blind (who is also the narrator) and two others to multitask as parents/Jesus/Disciples/religious leaders/ neighbours. It will probably be helpful to have simple one-piece props to distinguish the characters. Nothing too complicated - beard for the dad, headscarf for mum, and so on. I suggest you teach the lines/actions to the congregation first. Or that the man born blind could do the "chorus" slowly the first time so people pick things up.

It comes from Bible Stories Through the Year - thanks to publishers Lion for allowing us to post this.

"p-tooey"- pretend to spit
"ooey-gooey" - rub fingers together with disgusted look on face
"health and safety" - hold finger in air as if drawing attention to an offence
"halalooey" - wave hands in air in a Pentecostal fashion

Extract from the script:

Man born blind: I was sitting there on the Sabbath Day, born blind and begging, when Jesus and his disciples walked by.

Reader 1 (Disciples): Why is this man blind, teacher? Is it punishment for some bad thing he did or punishment for something his parents did?

Reader 2 (Jesus): Neither. The man wasn't born blind because somebody sinned. This happened so that God could show how powerful he is. You can work when it's light. You can't in the night. But as long as I'm in the world, I'M the light - and I'm here do the work of the one who sent me.

Man born blind:
Then Jesus spat on the floor (p-tooey)
He made a little mud (ooey gooey)
He rubbed it on my eyes (health and safety!)
And now I can see (halalooey!)
'Cause Jesus is the light of the world...

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