This simple piece explores the nature of love as expressed in 1 John 4. The group begin with their backs to the audience, leaning on one another. They respond to the narration with the pictures suggested in the brackets.

Extract from the script:

Narrator: Love is... Surprising!
(Turn and look at audience with shocked expressions.)

Love is... Friendship.
(Embrace, shake hands, mime talking on the phone.)

Love is... Saying "Sorry"!
(Look angry, fight, attempt to choke one another, then bow miming apology.)

Love is... romantic.
(Look all starry-eyed, hands on heart.)

Love is... Flowers and chocolates.
(Some mime holding a bunch of flowers, others mime eating chocolates)

Love means... Giving everything.
(One person steps forward and looks straight ahead, as if volunteering for something. Others look at them, surprised.)

Love... isn't easy.
(Others surround that person, and point at them, accusing them.)

It can be agony.
(Others then stretch out the person and freeze in a pose of crucifying them.)...

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