This song was created as part of our The Rest Is Worship project. If you bought the Leaders' Resource eBook you can go to this page, enter your code and access the video and sheet music for free.

Alternatively you can pay for the video on its own here. The mp3 is also available for purchase. The lead sheet and chord sheet are free to download, so you can play them with your worship band. Please report any printing or copying on your CCLI licence. Similarly, you can use these videos for online worship - please report on your CCLI streaming licence.

It is set to the tune SLANE (known for Be Thou My Vision). It explores a number of the themes of The Rest Is Worship.

The recording was made by Timo and Sam with additional instruments by David Hyde, Gemma and Sara and lead vocals by Gemma. 

Lord may our resting be worship to you,
to lay down our labour and give you your due,
to walk by still waters where souls are restored,
to turn from our striving and trust you are Lord.

Give us the strength to switch off and unplug,
releasing distractions that grip like a drug,
embracing the fullness of life beyond screens;
to be in the moment, to breathe and to dream.

We may be anxious of what we will find,
the fears that the silence may bring to our minds,
but there in the stillness we hear your true voice:
we’re loved and accepted, your treasure, your joy.

May our inaction bring freedom and praise,
resisting the powers that keep us enslaved;
we’re precious, not measured by work we have done,
not human resources but daughters and sons.

May this, your Sabbath, be worship divine,
a temple of peace, a cathedral of time;
for whether a minute, an hour or a day you
hallow the moments we rest in your name.

Words © Sam Hargreaves,
admin by CCLI # 7212311.