This is an alternative take on an Advent liturgy - reminding people the true reasons why we should look forward to the Christmas season. It is tastefully accompanied by appropriate images on this PowerPoint. Its great to have some work by Kieran posted, as he designed this website for us! Do visit for any web or print design needs - he couldn't be more of a joy to work with.

We look forward - to seeing a new star appear in the sky, prompting those far off to draw near to you.
All: Lord Jesus, draw us to you.

We look forward - to the familiar stable scenes, their mangers standing empty, waiting to receive you.
All: Lord Jesus, come to us anew.

We look forward - to hearing again the angels singing "Glory to God and Peace to all the earth".
All: Lord Jesus, let us take up their song.

We look forward - to seeing shepherds and kings alike, poor and humble, noble and wealthy, all bowing before you.
All: Lord Jesus, unite us in worship.

We look forward - to remembering a humble girl, with an ordinary background, chosen to bring your hope into the world.
All: Lord Jesus, bring new hope through us.

We look forward - to a child, wrapped in linen, lying in a manger, weak and helpless, small and completely reliant on others.
All: Lord Jesus, teach us to depend on you.

We look forward - to seeing, hearing and knowing afresh how you - infinite and incomprehensible God - freely entered your creation, becoming humble and tangible so that we might freely enter your presence.
All: Lord Jesus, we look, we wonder, and we worship.

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