Tom the TV gardener addresses the audience with the following monologue, as if presenting his TV programme. He holds a packet of tiny seeds in his hand.

'Hello again, Tom the TV Gardener here, and welcome one and all to this week's edition of Kingdom Gardening.

This week I've rather excited because I've just got been given this brand-new bag of kingdom seeds. Fabulous they are, and I thought I would very carefully and very delicately take the bag, open it gently and then just... throw them all over the place, hurl them all around! Here there and everywhere, just to see where the fertile bits of the garden are, and what unexpected things start to grow. Often the fertile bits can be in the unexpected places. The obvious places may not produce the best fruit for the gardener.

Now I've done a lot of gardening in my time, come across all kinds of plants, but these kingdom seeds are a very particular kind of seed. Rather unique actually. They don't look as if they are up to much at all. I've seen far more impressive things in the past. And in fact a lot of gardeners don't bother with them. They're rather small and insignificant. But here's the thing, my old dad used to say - never judge a seed by the size - or was that a book by its cover? I get confused. Anyway - never mind. These tiny little critters may look like something you might brush up off the floor, just like a few bits of dust perhaps, but they have all kinds of life tucked away inside them.

All they need is a bit of nurturing and watering and caring and you'd be surprised what they can produce. It's beyond normal reasoning really. Can't be measured necessarily or quantified by usual standards. But...

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