Sam and Andy Flannagan have written this song for our local congregation's Messy Church. We have used it a few times there now and it is going down well, so we'd like to share it with y'all!

Below are the lyrics and action videos. Both of these are downloadable and free to use. We have also provided a lead sheet and chord sheet if you want to play this with a guitar, piano or full band. Please record any projection, printing or copying in your church's CCLI license (CCLI # 7122874).

We want to thank Jo White and Stopsley Baptist Church for encouraging us to write this, based around the themes and values of Messy Church. We wanted it to be fun, accessible, and a genuine welcome to all the different kinds of people who come to those services across the country and the world. And thanks should also go to those who helped us with the actions vid!

You might be tiny or you might be tall, running around or moving at a crawl, if you will listen you will hear the call: come and join us in the mess.

You could be nervous or you could be proud, you could be quiet or you’re very loud,
this is a place where everyone’s allowed: come and join us in the mess.

God is great but life is messy,
so church will never be boring.
God’s right there when life gets stressy (urgh, urgh urgh urgh!) and he’s stepping into our stories.

Whether you’re happy or you’re feeling low, this is a place to let your feelings show, ‘cause Jesus loves us and he won’t let go: he will join us in the mess.

God loves
every splash of colour.
God loves
every honest prayer.
God loves
every searching question.
God loves
every joyful noise.

CCLI # 7122874 © Sam Hargreaves, Andy Flannagan 2018. Please report photocopying or projection with your CCLI license.