Bob is trying out a new style of writing, where the character asks questions of the listener. You could read this "straight", with the questions just fulfilling a rhetorical function.

However, to make it more interactive we were thinking that you could also pause at each of the questions (indented) and actually get feedback from the congregation. And/or, you could invite people to talk in small groups about the question.

To aid this, we've produced a PowerPoint with the questions on.

Extract from the script:

It was the first day of the week. It was evening. But not any ordinary evening. It was the evening of the morning that Peter and I found Jesus' tomb empty.

To be fair, it was some of the women in our group who found it first. They raced back to tell us, and we raced off in the opposite direction. His body was gone. There was no doubt.

So how do you think we felt, Peter and I? And what do you think we imagined had happened to our friend?

It was the first day of the week. It was evening. And we were hidden away in a room, the door locked tight. For we were afraid that the very people who had put Jesus to death would eventually come for us.

But that's not who came, that evening. No. Even if they had planned to surprise us, to catch us unawares, no surprise could compete with the surprising thing that actually happened. For, while we were huddled there, Jesus arrived. That's right, Jesus!

What do you think went through our heads? What questions? What thoughts?

"Peace be with you." That's what he said. "Shalom." An ordinary, everyday greetings. But there was nothing ordinary about this day! Was he a ghost? Were we imagining things? But when he showed us his hands and his side, we knew. It was him. And I can't even begin to describe the joy we felt.

Then he repeated his greeting. "Peace be with you." And gave us a job to do. "Just like my Father sent me," he said. "So I'm sending you."

Then he breathed on us...